Amalia Lupu is a psychologist accredited by COPSI, with the right of private practice in the field of Special Psychopedagogy and a member of ASTTLR. As a logopedic specialist at Help Autism, she works on the following specialties:

  • Therapy of language and communication disorders
  • Therapy of reading-writing disorders and dyscalculia
  • Therapy of myofunctional and orofacial disorders
  • ABA therapy
  • Logopedic coordination

Throughout her 10 years of experience, Amalia hosted specialty courses for parents and logopedic specialists, presented interesting subjects in annual scientific conferences, coordinated logopedic intervention plans, organized socializing groups and published articles in research magazines.

Abstract of the International ABA Conference 2020 presentation.

The impact of mastication and deglutition disorders on speech

This presentation will be in English.

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