Iulia Mukbel is a psychologist, graduate of the Clemson-Romania – Verified Course Sequence programme in applied behaviour analysis (2018-2020), specialized in clinical psychology, experiential psychotherapy and with an experience of over 9 years in the area of applied behaviour analysis for people with ASD and their families.

Iulia began work as an ABA therapist in 2011, in the ”Dincolo de cuvinte” therapy centre in Timisoara, and opened her own individual psychology practice in 2014. Her activity is currently linked with this centre, where she coordinates ABA interventions, working closely with a team of therapists which she recruited.

Abstract of her presentation at the ABA International Conference 2020.

The ASD Family and it’s restructurativ process: challanges, resistance and posible solutions


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a complex disorder that presents itself with a set of developmental delay elements and behavioral elements that often, for the children diagnosed with a disorder of this type, involve a dysfunctional communication with their family and social group. The family is a complex system with an invisible set of functional requirements that organizes the ways in which its members interact (Salvador Minuchin), is of great importance for society performing economic, social, solidarity and reproductive functions.

The diagnosis of ASD received by the child or children of the family tests the integrity and functionality of the family as a system, raising challenges regarding how partners interact with each other, how the parents/parent interact with their own child diagnosed with ASD, sibling relationship , the economic status, lifestyle and social presence of the family are affected by forcing the whole system to identify more or less optimal strategies for adaptation, in the short, medium and long term.

In conclusion, the whole family in its essence, as well as its functions are put in front of a restructuring process following the diagnosis of ASD where the fight for the survival of the family transforms into a race for its recovery.

Key words: TSA, family, system, transformation, restructuring process, economic, social, relationships, strategies, survival, recovery.

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