Anné-Marie Sterian has graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education, at the department of Special Psychopedagogy, holds a master in the Psychopedagogy of Inclusive Schooling from the University of Bucharest and autonomous psychologist accredited by COPSI. As a logopedic specialist at Help Autism, she works on the following specialties:

  • PECS
  • Therapy of language and communication disorders
  • Therapy of myofunctional and orofacial disorders
  • Therapy of mastication and swallowing disorders
  • ABA therapy
  • Logopedic coordination

Anné-Marie hosted specialty courses in the domain of logopedics, presented various subjects in annual scientific conferences, coordinated logopedic intervention plans and published a series of articles in dedicated magazines.

Abstract of the International ABA Conference 2020 presentation.

The impact of mastication and deglutition disorders on speech

This presentation will be in Romanian.

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